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Tis the Season... to Move? Posted On 07 December 2021


Why you should get prepped to sell before Christmas


Now is the time to get a head-start on 2022 by preparing to sell. Last month, Rightmove saw a 14% jump in the number of home-owners starting the selling process by requesting a property valuation from an estate agent, compared to the same period last year. So, why should you get your home ready to sell before the festive season hits in full force?


First up, don't let Christmas decorations date your listing. If you want to get your advert listed early in the new year, it's worth having your photos taken in advance. Agents are also likely to have much more time to prepare the marketing of your home, now, and over the next few weeks, than during the traditional holiday season between Christmas and the New Year.


Getting prepped now puts you in the driving seat. Getting your home ready to sell doesn’t need to mean viewings will start next week. You can arrange your property valuation, instruct your estate agent and finalise the details of your property listing, so whenever you’re ready, you can ask your agent to put your home on the market. If you’re worried about having time to tidy up after Christmas, you could put your home on the market on Boxing Day, but arrange for viewings to start sometime in the first few weeks of January. 


Listing early also means you are more likely to become a 'power buyer'.  if you are able to put your home on the market before Christmas, and you're able to secure a buyer in the New Year, you are putting yourself in a strong position.  Rightmove's Tim Bannister explains: “In the current market, it’s a real advantage to be a “power buyer”, and have already sold your current home, subject to contract, when looking for somewhere to buy. This could put you ahead if there are other offers already on the table.”


Tim Bannister also comments: “We see a surge in the number of people searching for property from Boxing Day onwards, perhaps with a resolve to enjoy their next Christmas in new surroundings.


So, make the most of the Boxing Day boom and make sure your property is appearing in people's searches.

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