Squares Lettings Fees

VAT at the standard rate is included

To reserve the property you will pay a reference and reservation fee of £240.00 inclusive of VAT for a sole application and £325.00 for a joint application. Charges apply for card usage, £2 debit card and an additional 4% for a credit card.
Re-applying current tenants are charged at a reduced rate of £200.00 inclusive of VAT.
This fee covers up to 2 applicants, additional applicants thereafter will be charged at £100.00 per applicant, inclusive of VAT.

Fees Tenants Fees
Reference Fee for single application £240 / Join Appliation £325
Additional Applicants £100
Move in Admin Fee £125
Renewal of Tenancy Agreement 6 months £75 / 12 months £150
Guarantor referencing / Agreement £100
Extra Pet Deposit £200 if applicable
Core Services Tenants Fees
Reservation Fee (up to 2x Tenants) £325.00
Single applicants £240.00
Re applying tenants £160.00
Additional Applicant Fee £95.00
Guarantor Fee £100.00
Credit/ Debit card fee added to all payments Debit Card Fee = £2.00 per transaction
Credit Card Fee = 4%
Move In Fees
Administration Fee £125.00
6 month renewal £75.00
12 month renewal £150.00
Additional Services
Missed Inspection appointments £20.00
Landlord references (upon move out to another agency) £42.00
Other Charges
Outgoing Reference Fee £40
Amendments of Tenancy Agreement £85
Late Payment of Rent £35
Debit Card Transaction Fee £2
Credit Card Transaction Fee 3% of the transaction amount

All fees are inclusive of VAT at the current rate of 20%

For further information or guidance on our landlords fee’s please contact the team or visit our website.